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Ecobags compostable bags benefits is the reduction of the carbon foot prints.unlike regular plastics,compostable bags will not emit carbon while manufacturing so it is 100% environmental safe.

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    100% Compostable

    Our compostable bags are confirmed to ISO standards.

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    100% Biodegradable

    Ecobags Biodegradable bags are confirmed to ISO standards.

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    Our bags take less time to break after being discarded.

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    Our bags are reuse for storing a dry products.

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    Reduce Toxic Chemicals

    Compost in contact with mud and manure in 180 days.

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    Reduce Carbon Emission

    Our product will reduce carbon emissions in composting .

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    Its completely safe and doest not contain any chemicals.

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    IS/ISO Certified

    Our compostable products will meet the IS/ISO standards

Compostable Lifecycle

The principle of sustainable development is the reason for the introduction of the closed loop economy. Products have to be produced and used in a resource-conserving manner as well as recovered after use, if they cannot be avoided at all

Renewable Bio-plastic

There are two major advantages of biobased plastic products compared to their conventional versions: they save fossil resources by using biomass which regenerates and provides the unique potential of carbon neutrality

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Biodegradation is a chemical process during which microorganisms that are available in the environment convert materials into natural substances such as water, carbon dioxide, and compost.